Day 1

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello Internet,

I have decided to harness the power of global communication to release the overwhelming amount of thoughts that like to occupy my head. (Apparently there is a pool in there and even a fairly large train that they (the thoughts) like to run off the tracks. Yay ‘_’ ) Anyway, this shall be blog one. It is not very interesting and I suppose that is to be expected of a novice such as myself. From time to time I might post cool videos, talk about movies, surviving college, my lack of people skills, robots,…..maybe something about Doctor Who or Sherlock (no spoilers…hopefully. Maybe a little for those who are way behind. Apologies in advance). For all you english lovers and/or grammar enthusiasts, feel free to comment on any mistakes. I’ll try to avoid any egregious errors, but I can make no promises. 

This seemed like a good spot for a new paragraph. I know how tough it can be to follow online documents that seem to be nothing but infinite towers of words. I have frequently found myself in an infinite loop, reading a few sentences over and over again until the condition of finding a new word is met (yay while loops). 

I would like to inform my technical audience, assuming I have any audience, that I will probably talk about my life as an engineering student and being a student I will probably get things wrong. I love to learn, so feel free to comment on anything and everything (though keep your criticism constructive. Those with knowledge should share it gladly rather than using it as a means of showing off). 

I think today I am a fan of parenthesis…and spell check. I also think I have run out of things to say/write. On that note I will return tomorrow with more words to share. 

Good night Internet. 


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